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Spokane Creators

Visual Art

Erica Watts

I specialize in hand crafted miniatures for dollhouses and displays. My products range from custom designed dollhouses and roomboxes to hand painted textiles and custom built furniture.

Bevie LaBrie

My life passions working as an art therapist, wilderness instructor and youth worker, and exploring the world through climbing rocks, travel and mountainous beauty fuel my art. I’m inspired by life and nature in all its forms.

Aaron Smith

I began painting local scenery after I bought an art print by Zuane "Canaletto" who specialized in painting the canals of Venice. So my paintings of Spokane which by today's standards are commonplace, may well be a document to an ever changing fast paced era.

Nathan Schnebly

Nathan Schnebly’s drawings are a visual reflection of his time as a graffiti artist and love for illustration.

Jamie Thompson

Fine Artist Jamie Thompson has exhibited in various galleries located in the United States as well as internationally. She works with a combination of printmaking, drawing, painting and collage, which deal with themes of memory, family, home, nature and the ephemeral.

Byron Holley

I am a freelance artist that has been drawing for 33 years of my life. I enjoy drawing self portraits, cartoons, anime, scenery, comics and animals. After I’m finished with each project I get a great amount of joy from each illustration I dedicate myself to.

Dario Ré

Dario Ré has a multifaceted practice including painting, assemblage, installation, video, performance, sound and songwriting.

Stefanie Meade

Stefanie Meade is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, and former military brat who now resides in Spokane. She does illustrations and paintings in a variety of mediums, makes wire wrapped jewelry, and pours her own resin pieces.

Kristine Renfro

Kristine Renfro is the creator and owner of Finding Nature. She hand makes jewelry of all different styles and vibes, and is a multi-media artists who loves creating one of kind pieces.

Christina Deubel

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, adventure is in Christina's blood. If she is not off hitting a trail, she is buried in her studio making her best attempt to show you the world through her eyes.

Joshua Martel

I’ve had the pleasure of painting over 50 legal murals around the United States of America. I strive to stimulate and bring forth new thoughts within the communities I paint in, as well as showcasing their community to bring a sense of pride, joy, and momentum.

Gay Waldman

My approach with each new art piece is an exploration of how far I can push my original photographs. I constantly create new designs by enhancing colors, adding shapes, and manipulating the elements of form. In the simplest description, it is pure fun!

Callie McCluskey

Callie McCluskey is a contemporary artist who graduated from Washington State University in 2019 with degrees in Fine Arts as well as Digital Technology and Culture. Her subject matter finds inspiration from the people and situations that surround her.

Bear Creek Mercantile

We are a non-profit Artist Co-op, founded in 2016 to serve the local community in the Chattaroy / Elk, WA area.

Warrior Artworks

Requests are encouraged, so test my boundaries.

Debra O'Sullivan

I am a prolific artist who is currently working with metal.

Violet Green

I create art from my soul with the love from my heart.

Chelsie Sunde

Chelsie Sunde is an artist and photographer who is proud to call Spokane her hometown.

Larry Ellingson

Many of us daydream and wander through our imaginations. I bring back souvenirs.

Teresa Kershaw

"...I am so passionate about my work. I hope that people see my paintings and come away with some of the emotion I felt when I painted each piece..."

Kathryn Alexander

Alexander’s spiritual background, including 45 years of meditation, is foundational for her focus on capturing the essence of things in her photography.

Karen Vo

Karen Vo is a visual artist working in primarily gouache and graphite. Spoiled by the scenery and wildlife of Washington state all of her life, her art attempts to capture the beauty and motion of animals and plant life, with an affinity for birds.

Joshua Thomas

Hello, I'm a graphic designer, illustrator, and motion designer with a huge passion for what I do. My name is Joshua Thomas and I'm just a human being designing for human beings.

Kaitlin Nuetzmann

Nuetzmann is a stay-at-home Mom who loves creating art and playing piano in her spare time.

Factory Town

We see art as our common language and stories as our currency. We bring people and organizations together through thoughtful visuals and memorable experiences.

Colleen Lake

Fused glass at its best!

JJ Harty

Woodworking, guerilla art, installation art, top turning, metal casting, ceramics, deconstruction art, painting, post-analog art.

JM Adamshaspert

Jonathan Adamshaspert is a Spokane based photographer and award winning Pacific Northwest Platinum & Palladium Printmaker.

Frankie Benka

I have been doing photography for 50 years. As an artist, I don’t limit myself to one medium.

Derrick Freeland

Derrick Freeland is a local illustrator, author, and educator, the founder and editor in chief of Spokane Sequential and Bottlecrow Publications.

Debbie Hughbanks

Debbie is an artist that is passionate about the creation of art and finds her inspiration all around her studio located in northeastern Washington State.

Sydney Croteau

Photorealistic colored pencil drawings of wildlife and other subjects on airbrushed backgrounds.

Amber C Smith

I'm a photographer and graphic designer who has spent most of my life traveling and taking photos. I shoot on a variety of cameras, mostly film and some digital. Nature, abandoned places, moody scenes.

Hannah Pomante

Born in Spokane, Washington, Hannah Pomante is an environmental artist who explores the various ways in which to portray the natural world around us. She specializes in printmaking and public art, exhibiting her work throughout the Northwest.

Pamela Van Kirk

For me, Art and Music are my Divine sanctuary. It is the place where I can let go of any outcome, where I witness the creation becoming.

Brenda O'Quin Art

I am a contemporary abstract artist that works with mixed media and acrylics. I begin a piece with colors in mind but without any predetermined ideas of what the finished work is going to look like.

Katelyn Reed

"Art gives me direction. I work in any medium that strikes my interest and expresses the heart of my ideas; be they silly and light-hearted, or painful and deeply felt. All of my work contains elements of who I am, and the life journey I am on."

Tiffany Patterson

My work is playful and uses repetition of patterns as visual texture and meditation. All mediums are fair game. I regularly bounce between mixed media painting, illustration, murals, ceramics, and installation art and I’m always ready to embrace the next sparkly thing.

Emmanuel Corral

Artist, Graphic Designer, Marketing Manager

Theresa Henson

The movement is a pattern that generously and infinitely responds to that which inspires growth.

Arlon Rosenoff

Everywhere I look, I see a painting. I have a great appreciation for the light, texture, and geometry that occur in nature and in life.

Nancy Reid Isaak

Nancy is an award winning, internationally collected artist. Nancy works with acrylic and pastels and loves expressions in vivid colors.

Stacie Boyer

Stacie is a visual artist and muralist. With a passion for public art, she has worked with The Spokane Civic Theatre, Spokane Arts and The City of Liberty Lake, WA.

Chrysta Kay

My work is heavily influenced by nature and how humans interact and connect with the natural world.

Diane Covington

Diane Covington, Sanpoil Band of Colville Confederated Tribes and Spokane Tribe of Indians, born near Salinas California in 1961 - is an emerging acrylic painter and mixed media artist now living near Wellpinit Washington.

Antonio Romero

Antonio continually challenges himself by experimenting in different styles, techniques, mediums including acrylic painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and now digital art.

Ellen Picken

Though I have many artistic outlets, my main motivator these days is designing and installing large scale murals. I love working with the public to create art that they love to live with.

Caili Hartman

Caili Hartman is a fine art photographer in the Spokane area.

Anna Shawver

Anna is a happily married mom of three who began creating her work while she was a stay-at-home-mom in 2016. She now creates to spread joy with her art.

Michael Dinning

I create primarily large scale narrative sculptures and wall pieces, employing painted canvasses combined with a wide variety of found objects. My goal is to present something that is immediately engaging, consistently compelling, and leaves a lasting impression.

Allen and Mary Dee Dodge

We work collaboratively in iron, copper and vitreous enamels as well as wood, paint, paper and more.

Matt Smith

Matt Smith is a multidisciplinary visual artist residing in Spokane. His main passion lies in painting, but can never do one thing for too long without experimenting and moving into a new direction.

Larry Bergman

Larry has dabbled in various art media over many years but prefers drawing in pencil and finishing in ink.

Carol Schmauder

Carol has paintings in collections nationwide and has won numerous awards. She experiments with different styles of art and is best known for a fun style of starting with a traditional subject and creating sections of warm and cool colors playing off of each other.

Ryan Sanders

I get to sculpt, fabricate, mold, cast, and paint all sorts of wonderful, weird, bizarre creations.

Tom Quinn

Originally from Great Falls, Montana, I grew up surrounded by art -- mostly nostalgic celebrations of the Old West. I attended Gonzaga University and spent my junior year in Florence. There I became enamored of the serene beauty of Renaissance painting.

Ildiko Kalapacs

Ildikó grew up in socialist Hungary in the 70s under Soviet occupation. She studied in Hungary and at Eastern Washington University and has worked in the folk dance/research field in the US and Hungary. Her work is greatly influenced by both cultures.

Janelle Cordero

Janelle Cordero is an interdisciplinary artist and educator living in the seventh most hipster city in the U.S. Both her writing and her paintings are sparse narratives that emphasize the disconnected nature of the human condition.

Catee Ng

I am a cake artist! I create custom pieces for customers for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, corporate events. . . basically anything that needs dessert.

John D. Moore

Spokane photographer John D. Moore created a goal of showcasing (photographing) Spokane architecture, landscapes, and local historical features after dark.

Scott Shumake

The fire pits have been such a hit that I know I’ve found my calling: to be a Creator.

Ira Gardner

Ira Gardner has been a photographer for over 30 years.

Janet Crosby

I work with both a torch and a kiln to create unique pieces of wearable and functional (fused glass) art pieces.

Serenity Williams

I hope my art, and my writing, can help inspire others who are struggling through various obstacles in life. A reminder to... Never give up.

Greg Saue

A painter in oils and watercolors for over fifty years.

Robin Kahn

Robin Kahn has a passion for making jewelry.

Kay O'Rourke

Narrative realist artist. painting and assemblage art

Jill Smith

Jill Smith is a ceramic artist who offers pottery lessons in her studio at the ClayFox Clay School

Megan Perkins

Megan Perkins is an artist, teacher, and native of the Pacific Northwest. She lives in Deer Park, WA and works primarily in watercolor with a love of color and expressive line.

Karen Mobley

Karen Mobley is an artist, writer and arts consultant. Karen exhibits her work throughout the Northwest.