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Spokane Creators


SPOKANE CREATORS is a place to discover the abundance of artists and creators in the Greater Spokane region and their creations. This collection includes a wide array of artists, artisans, and creators and many types of creations and artwork.

Spokane County Library District works with artists, artisans, creators, and organizations to curate and organize online representations of creative works from our region. This website's purpose is to improve the connections between local artists and those who want to learn more about and be inspired by them.

To meet our collection criteria, artists, artisans, and creators must:


Which artistic media or creative endeavors may be represented here?

The short answer is... Any!

It is our intention to facilitate connections between artists, artisans, and creators in our region and the people who'd like to learn about and be inspired by them.

How can my work be added to this website?

Select Submit and fill out the form. Your submissions will be reviewed and included if it meets our Collection Criteria.

Will all of the creations linked to on this website be family-friendly?

The short answer is: possibly not.

If you would like your children to explore the arts in our region from this website, we encourage you to visit the site before they do in order to preview it, or alongside them.

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