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Spokane Creators


Nancy Klingman

Nancy Klingman specializes in classical vocal technique which can be applied to most musical genres

Helmer Noel Hernandez

Throughout the past year and a half I've been given electric opportunities to showcase my voice and reach the inland northwest community one event at a time.

Archie Chen


I’m a 20 y/o artist outa Spokane who makes Alt rock, hiphop, and indie music.

Jessica Jasper

Jessica has enjoyed being a freelance violist and violinist, chamber musician and music educator.

Joey Anderson

Hailing from St. Augustine, Florida, this genre-spanning songwriter delivers performances with a southern voice, a touch of class and a wealth of hard-nosed grit.

Ti Villa

Always pushing positive vibes, life's too short not to.

Hannah Boundy

Adelaide (Hannah Boundy) has a versatile taste in music and explores various genres in her recordings and performances, but primarily considers her sound as indie folk with a touch of shoe gaze.

Pamela van Kirk

As a musician I have traveled into the depths of my being, creating, composing and performing sounds on a wide variety of instruments.

Trent de la Cruz

I'm a musician and producer in Spokane (born and raised in the Chicagoland area) creating my own eclectic blend of psychedelic indie music.

Rusty Jackson

Rusty Jackson is a singer, songwriter and entertainer. Rusty also produces events including the annual IN-CMA awards show. Rusty's music can be found on Spotify and Rusty performs 150+ live shows every year in the region. Find out more on Rusty's website!


A West Coast American-Songwriter who writes and composes songs that include genres of Singer Songwriter, Blues, Folk, and Americana

Colton Sullivan

Colton is a multi-talented musician, starting with 15 years of Piano experience he now creates Music using a wide range of electronic instruments including audio engineering as well as DJing, Emceeing, and total event coordination.

Jason Perry

I push each day to find new melodies, lyrics, and rhythms that express my feelings and those around me

Sean Burgett

Sean Burgett has been teaching music privately since 2004, specializing in Guitar, Bass, Drums/Percussion and Piano/Keyboard. In 2014, Sean took the leap into full time rock band lessons with ROCK CLUB and it has been growing rapidly each year!

Sean Genereaux

Sean Genereaux is an independent musician/producer who fronts the 3-piece rock band Lust for Glory as well as recording and producing local artists. He also produces music related video content.

Tim Greenup

​Tim Greenup writes poems and instrumental synthesizer music. His poetry collection, Without Warning, was published by Scablands Books in 2016. His album, Dwelling, was released digitally in 2020.

Justyn Priest

I’m a guitar player and musician of 20 years. I’ve played in countless local bands, a few touring acts, and done session work for local recording studios. I’m also a guitar teacher and tutor at Learn To Burn School of Music in Spokane, since 2017.

William Berry

As a fifth grade student, I auditioned for my school choir and the music teacher said I had a good ear. Ever since, I have been trying to figure out which one she meant. I don't consider myself a trumpet player so much as a musician who happens to play the trumpet.

Todd Milne

Todd Milne performs Electro-Acoustic World Fusion on Bamboo Flute & Ukulele. Deeply contemplative and serene, the music permeates the environment and induces a near transcendental sense of peace and relaxation.

Emily Westman

Born inside a piano, Emily Westman has gone on to become a multifaceted musician with expansive skills. She hopes to instill the same fire she feels for music with everyone she encounters, and would love to help kids (and adults alike) seek that flame within themselves.

Quindrey Davis-Murphy

Quindrey Davis is skilled in both drum set and electronic composition. He excels in all aspects of drum set percussion performance. Since the age of 5, Quindrey started his career performing with local church groups. By the age of 16, Quindrey went on his first tour.

Preludium Fury

Greetings warriors! I am vampire slayer Kurt Macgready, will you join me in my quest to end all evil?

Shawn Trail

Shawn's background includes being a multi-percussionist, composer, sound designer, studio music producer, audio engineer, tonmeister, recording historian/preservationist, digital artist and applied audio computer scientist working at the intersection of tradition and innovation

Rosie Cerquone

Rosie Cerquone is a freelance percussionist, singer, and songwriter currently based in Spokane, WA. She is passionate about the growing field of mallet percussion and voice.

Tuck Foster & the Tumbling Dice

We are based in Spokane Washington. Our Front man, Tuck Foster has been performing the blues for over 35 years.

Frankie Ghee

Frankie Ghee is a solo acoustic musician who plays memorable, sing-able songs.

Heat Speak

Heat Speak is an indie folk group led by singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist Dario Ré. His impassioned poetics sung in English and French are supported by dynamic musicianship and intricate arrangements to create a unique blend of indie folk, chamber pop and world fusion.

The Willows (Peter Paul and Mary tribute band)

Out of deep respect for the music of Peter, Paul and Mary, the premiere folk group of the 1960’s, The Willows bring their music alive again with stellar 3-part harmonies and instrumental prowess.

Lyle Morse

I am Lyle Morse, also known as "Lonesome Lyle". An outstanding acoustic guitarist, harmonica player and stunning singer-songwriter-performer who currently calls Eastern Washington state his home.

Brad Keeler

Brad Keeler is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, composer, and interpreter of Vintage Music.