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Spokane Creators

Visual Art

Krystal Raiann Gallegos

With my art I hope to spread some beauty and joy, and I hope my work can touch people in a way that others art has touched me.

Anna Canfield

Guided by instinct, I capture real moments in time, translating them into art that resonates with intimate and personal experiences.

Sandra Kunkel

Sandra’s artwork is mainly cartoon/anime based.

Madison Dior Wade

I enjoy collaborating and using resonant writings, stories, mythologies, and social commentaries as a jumping off point from which to create.

Elena Karlson

The basic motives of the works are, first of all, incredible expanses, juicy greenery, bright colors and authentic scenes.

Maeve Griffith

Maeve's acrylic and oil paintings usually walk the jagged line between the absurd and the abyss.

Ava Anderson

I have a varying range of mediums, including acrylics, oils, markers, and all types of digital art.

Sola Raynor

She is inspired by nature, painting landscapes and animals with oil and watercolor.

Ari Raena

Like how a spider delicately spins an intricate web, Ari utilizes line and texture in her work to craft an image that not only tells a story but also elicits emotion from the viewer.

Emily Deboma

My work is inspired by the intricacy of human relationships, creating things with a nod to the analogue.

Justin Haller

Scenic images of Spokane and beyond.

Keith Harrop

Life can be so hard for us all sometimes. I want to bring something new and magical to people. Bring back a sense of wonderment and charm.

Cecile Grace Charles

I like to address life in all its wonderful colors in my art, sometimes somber, other times in brilliant spectrum.

Betta Markovic

Art has always gotten me through the hard times and I hope you enjoy it!

Em Jackson (Marilyn Jackson Runyan)

There is some paranoia in my work, but also a lot of irony, and some (dark) humor.

OEnone Shore

I create bold colorful art with a whimsical and fantasy feel.

T Kurtz

T has been working in soft pastels for approximately 15 years. She is looking forward to the future as she continues in her medium.

Amy J Perkins

Getting into the flow state with a new work of art is the pinnacle to my passion.

I.R. Seiler

Isabelle Seiler is a digital painter based in the Inland north west. Her paintings main purpose is to evoke a comforting dream like feeling

Sara Pearson

The part I enjoy most about the art I create is watching my customers smile and be emotional, it really brings joy to my heart.

Bernadette Beeman

I enjoy exploring abstract acrylic work, sharpening my hyper-realism pencil skills, and growing in overall creativity.

Brittany Anderson

I make sure to only create what I am passionate to make, with my heart and soul. Art creates reality!

Jennifer Batey

My goal for every project I undertake is for the finished artwork to evoke a connection with the imagination of the viewer.

Blue Klein

I love drawing with graphite and charcoal, and nothing makes me more excited than the opportunity to cover a wall with a mural.

Elizabeth Derry

I've stepped back into painting and drawing, and truly felt like I've found myself again.

Abby Light

I make things that are a mix of art & craft, using cartoonish shapes, colors, and organic textures with a bold and playful style.

Linda Hyatt Cancel

Painting, for me, is an expression of many interests - geology, history, and anthropology become spiritual geographies and psychological archaeology.

Megan Martens-Haworth

I am a painter, drawer, printmaker, and occasional ceramic sculptor.

Gordon Henry

Ledger Art original drawings and collages, commission orders, pencil drawings , airbrushing and acrylic painting and mixed media

Jacob McCoy

It's my belief that glass art is for everyone, not just old ladies and stoners, so I am bringing the techniques from a collective of backgrounds to the public.

Trevon Walton

I am a creative, finding love and passion in any and every medium that I touch

Michael Che Romero

Our goal is to create a new way of interacting, bringing communities together.

Rebecca Soderberg

I really enjoy portrait work & music-themed painting.

Brendon Bracewell

My work is intended to be both funny and spooky.

Rachel E Strauch

Rachel's work uses nature, the human body, and intense complimentary colors to depict themes of mental health, growth, and vulnerability.

Amy Sue Calkins

Amy is a Photographer of "the wild things" you will find nature photos.

Heather iDE

For those who are visually impaired, the textures in my photos can be felt and explored with their hands, allowing them to experience the art in a different way.

Mo Stach

Drippy florals and colorful abstracts are what I have been gravitating towards most with my artwork.

Lori Bradeen

Creating functional ceramic art and sharing it with the world, is a great joy in my life.

Jane Sutherland-Farstrider

My work has taken many directions and evolved as much as I have over the years.


I paint little slices of my imagination.

Madeline Goolie

I want viewers to find my work somewhat unsettling, humorous, and maybe even relatable.

Luu Melon

Through an inclination of observation as a way to engage with others, Luu strives to create comics that are rooted in empathy and self-reflection.

John Sebastian

Self-taught John Sebastian has spent years perfecting several different disciplines of painting and drawing but stays within the parameters of abstract expressionism and impressionism.

Heather Woolery

Heather finds inspiration in cinema, literature, travel, and current and historical events which you will find echoes of throughout her work.

Moeckel Studio

Sonny and Lisa allow the painterly lines to show through in their work to display their process and each individual stroke of paint.

chylauntai starks

I paint whatever comes to my mind, based on how it makes me feel or the emotions I feel at that moment.

Painting with Pamela

Finding inner peace through painting while learning painting techniques and the vibrational relationships of color.

Tami Siriani

Tami picked up her first camera at age 14 and has been creating photographic "people" art professionally in the PNW since 2008.

Theresa Summit Arts

Spreading joy one painting at a time.

Megan Jones

I create original, hand drawn pieces with abstract designs and bright colors to instill happiness and peace. Each creation is meticulously drawn, colors are carefully chosen and a clear gloss finish is added for shine and protection.

Melissa Singh Cole

Over the last 18 years I have discovered that with the most mundane ingredients I am able to create something that vibrates with its own raw energy. I relish the moments when my creations make people stop and enjoy an experience.

Heather Berndt

I currently create at the intersection of spirituality, psychology, and art.

Terri Griffin

Terri's pieces explore themes of transition and the transitory nature of culture.

David Waters

I like art. Sometimes I like to make it.

Hannah Wiebe-Potter

From insects and crustaceans to mollusks and fungi, I am drawn to subjects that are often overlooked or considered weird, but which have an important role to play in our ecosystem.

Quinn Marie

Hello there! I'm Quinn Carl, creator behind quinnwillmadeit. I’m an artist by trade and a preschool teacher by day!

Jayna Durfee

Jayna Durfee (She/They) is an audio and visual designer from Spokane, Washington.

David Hoyt

I have a passion for art and "creating cool stuff." I'm busy making digital art that lends itself to greeting cards, posters, canvas prints, and whatever else finds me. At present I am focused on themes such as animals, insects, The Palouse, and Railroads.

Mike DeCesare

Photography is my first language, and I speak softly with color, light and tone.

Olyvia Babinski

Olyvia creates cartoons, characters for book illustrations, and home décor using upcycled items.

Anthony Vilgiate

I am a local wood artist that primarily works from the lathe. I turn sustainable timbers collected locally from downed or diseased trees that would have ended up in the landfill or fire box.

Amanda Cook

I aim to create a moment to slow your mind as you trace each line and breath in the spaces in between.

Jesper Butts

The feel of the spay can and watching the painting appearing before my own eyes brings me joy.

Karen Sutula

I am a children's book author and illustrator. My process is to sketch on paper then draw in Adobe Illustrator and finishing up with lighting and details in Adobe Photoshop. I have recently started using Procreate also. I have 2 books with 3 more in the works.

Bethany Mahan

I find the beauty in the mess of things, which started out in 2007 after I picked up a camera for the first time.

Katherine Waxman

My graphic approach lends itself well to murals, children's books and packaging. I enjoy making patterns and greeting card designs for the gift industry.

Brooke Martinez

The 2232 mission is to create colorful pottery for daily use that will brighten your home for years to come.

Katie Rose

Katie is creating one-of-a-kind pieces that bring out her personality, conveying her dream-like world, and her eccentric side.

Katherine Kneafsey

I am fascinated with the concept of connection. How people connect to one another, to nature, to society, to their vices, and so on. How deep these connections can go and all of a sudden they can mean nothing or can take over someone's life.

Kerry Siderius

Kerry has created a portfolio of over 300 paintings showcasing the beauty found throughout our region’s forests, lakes, wineries, vineyards, farm areas, mountains, and more.

Steve Merryman

Steve Merryman is a writer, artist, and retired graphic designer living a reclusive life in the forests near the WA/Idaho border.

Gareth Scott

Artist with visionary and unique artworks, which portray emotions, impressions, and stories with a classical style.

Star Belina Ryan

I love to draw just about anything but I specialize in Portraits and nature with surrealistic undertones. I am a multimedia artist working with watercolors, graphite pencil, color pencil, acrylic, oil paint, Copic markers and digital art.

Olivia Longie

I am a multimedia artist living in Spokane, Washington. I enjoy printmaking and engage in linocut prints as well as screen printing t-shirts. Right now I’m focused mostly on my photo collages, which include a large variety of subject matter.

Laura Kaschmitter

Laura is inspired by the natural world and nothing is too small to be considered.

Crystal L Buck

She is inspired by artistic creations that focus on her Native roots, modern art techniques, Zentangle, vibrant and various uses of colors, lines and patterns.

Seth Collier

I am a digital artist working to explore the psycho-spiritual experience of our highly technologized and politicized society.

Lauren Thomas

I enjoy exploring hidden symbols, story, myths, and meaning making through art.

Matt Clinard

Hi! I'm Matt Clinard, a graphic designer / illustrator based in Spokane. My work is very colorful, playful and fun. Much of my work celebrates rich history around places in the United States. Feel free to reach out and say hello!

Lenora Jesus Lopez Schindler

Lenora J. Lopez Schindler is a multi-material artist. Her work includes painting and drawings using layers of oil paint, spray paint, watercolor on traditional painting grounds and sometimes surfaces of sculptures. She has shown regionally and nationally.

Nate Mannan

Nate Mannan is a graphic designer, illustrator, DJ, and Posse leader. Featuring anachronistic line art, themes, and goofy graphics, Spokane Has a Posse art and branding belong to anyone who enjoys pop art, irony, dada, or just fun times in the PNW.

Jackie Goolsbey

I'm a maker of things, teller of stories, and romanticizer of the everyday.

Phoenix Downer

Phoenix Downer is a 3D stereoscopic photographer and videographer. He currently creates 3D visuals using anaglyphs with red/cyan 3D glasses. He is currently working on expanding into VR.


I've been working in traditional art mediums since I could hold a pencil, though in the past several years I've gravitated to primarily digital art.

Anette Lusher

A Photographer and Artist by training, I see the world as a vast canvas, a constant source of images and inspiration. Each of my work tells a story, relates to life events, and depicts emotional, spiritual, and conceptual ideas.

Ari October

Ari dabbles in many art styles and media, wanting to try everything at least once.

Daniel Lopez

Local Spokane muralist supporting community and businesses for 8+ years.

Skylar Sypher

Hello, I do visual arts, such as portraits, sketches, murals, paintings, and ETC. As a minor, and someone who is rather in-experienced upon events alike as this, it is difficult to get my work to where people can see it. Please take time to check out my work!!

Ana "Pink" Varela

"Creepy is just another word for Cute."

Slava Demin

Slava has been creating artworks since he was a child and went through a very interesting life. His style might be called “Russian avant-garde".

Dalan Eslick

Local Spokane artist, slowly active but I'd love to get more involved.

Samura Lars

American folk artist. I am looking to sell some of my art.

Ray Xue

I help the people in my community capture their own precious moments, using oil and canvas. I work full-time as an artist, most recently showcasing my work at local galleries. I do custom painting collaborations and offer my work for sale at my website.

Andi Keating

My main drive is to explore the world through a child’s lens, to not only expand on big and complex life experiences but also the simple pleasures.

Samantha Klare

Intuitive Painter, Resin Artist, VJ, Jewelry and Apparel Designer.

Joseph R Tomlinson

Illustration, painting, and the occasional ceramic sculpture

Dannie Milam

I use video to tell stories.

Olivia Ralye Hilton

I am a sketch artist currently exploring avenues of hyperrealism.

Heidi Barnett

Heidi’s compositions are heady, organic, exuberant, and bursting with raw emotion.

Blake Liliane Hellman

I create, I destroy and create again.

Johnny S

Beautiful landscape oil paintings

Hampton Visual

We are Monica and Scott Hampton, painters of murals and fine art. We’ve created an uplifting style that integrates the vision of our clients and adapts to meet their needs. From super chill to bold & exciting, our murals can inspire a range of feelings.

John Johnson

Sculpting marble and other exotic stones into beautiful pieces of fine art

Kristen Robertson

My love for the fine arts started as far back as I can remember. Theater, dance, and writing where all things that came natural to me.

Christopher Page Lemmen

I love working with all types of metal and creating art from reclaimed materials. I see art in remnants and acquire materials from a variety of interesting and sometimes unusual places. My work continually evolves and I enjoy exploring new techniques, processes, and materials.

Fred N. Bommer II, aka Freddie B.

I set forth on my photographic journey to capture such images to evoke emotions, cause reflective thought, and to cause one to gasp from the sheer "depth" of what I create

Andrea Van Voorhis

I am a fine art painter with an MFA degree from Claremont Graduate University. My specialty is fine art oil painting however I have experience in many genres of art.

Colleen Kusler

I’m always looking for new techniques and ideas to bring my gourds to life.


I started my own studio, Interpunct-Press, to generate custom work, fine art, and more fantastic children’s books. I love what I do.

Becky Busi

We have a choice not only in what we see, but how we see. Utilizing mediums to reposition our human gaze in the natural world, I create precise renderings that share space with mysterious forms, suggesting that we can inhabit more than one world view at a time.

Eric Sanchez

I am an abstract artist, working primarily in paint, collage and print making.

Gabriel Harrington

My craft is hand building, repurposing, and combining multiple elements to create one of a kind sculptures using stones, crystals, wood, metal, and glass to create visions of reflective and radiated light.


Phoebus is a young high school artist who enjoys watercolor and acrylic painting.

Marissa D Sannes

My style is mostly abstract, but I also love surrealism and impressionism!

Frank Seth

I'm an American watercolor artist. I've actually been doing them now for over 60 years.

Danielle Davis

I'm a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and artist. Though my main focus is on graphic design and illustration, I am on a mission to try every creative medium at least once... from mural painting to woodworking to metal sculpture.

Brittany Decker

Work consists of mixed media, usually involving digital resources at some point in the manifestation.

Oana Barac-Matei

Captivated by nature and flowers, my focus is on floral and plant based art.


The main goal of my artistic exploration: to be completely immersed in the creative experience.

Emily Moyer

I feel that photography captures memories and holds on to them forever.

Dj Moon

I find magic in duality: dark and light, tragedy and euphoria, sun and moon, weightlessness and heaviness.

Courtney Marshall

I create art to express my feelings and I want to encourage viewers to interpret my art in their own way based off of how they feel.

Tim Bovey

Tim's artwork is crafted free-hand, from direct-observation, and has not been digitally manipulated.

Foolstario Ghesexia

I love to draw for money and fame and power and cool masks to wear.

Andrew Young

I am a digital collage artist whose primary interest is scifi/surreal pieces of art

Spokane Pen and Ink Art by Michael Edwards

I'm a local artist specializing in Spokane's historical architecture, landmarks, popular attractions and monuments. My medium is pen and ink. It is uncluttered which allows me to showcase my work in fine detail.

Nan Drye

I eco print with leaves and other plant materials onto natural fiber fabrics to make beautiful, useful things. I am fascinated with the colors achieved from many humble weeds we overlook every day and the rather magical processes used to get them to give up their secrets.

Vicki A. West

A Spokane native and life long creative, Vicki spent several years at SFCC studying painting and figure drawing and has learned with countless master painters over the years.

Janie Edwards

Paying attention to the world around us ignites creativity and alerts me to design in nature.

Frances Grace Mortel

Frances Grace Mortel is a photographer and filmmaker. The challenges of being a mother, immigrant, and queer artist of color fuel her desire to tell empowering visual stories that expose human truths and stand for social justice.

Kate Stigdon

Breaking the rules of realism gave way to the importance of the essence one is unearthing in making of a work.

Shaun Springer

Shaun's work includes Directing films, commercials, documentaries and music videos. He was also worked professionally as a screenwriter, and script doctor.

Rachael Alt

I like to push the limits of the app I use and create things that people aren't doing yet.

Kel Magnuson

Kel explores the chaos of consciousness through a variety of mediums, including film photography, drawing, painting, and written word.

Amber Stinson

Anything that I find visually beautiful, interesting, captivating or moving I enjoy capturing in a photo.

Amelio Torres

Photography is how I capture a precious moment’s memory forever.

Nanette Cloud

Nanette is a shapeshifting webwitch who makes intimate and otherworldly comics.

Desire Mcginn

Utilizing both hand drawn and graphic work, Desire creates large scale paintings and murals.

William Vasta

While working at The White House, William traveled to over 40 countries, documenting public and private moments of the First Family.

Mary Welcome

Welcome brings a nuanced perspective to the contemporary field, as an organizer working in service to small town.

Connor Bacon

Photography is art. In every frame I blend artistic elements and principles together. By leaning heavily on analog methods I bring my art out in the journey of creating my images.

Erin Lang

I am a mixed-media artist motivated largely by texture, autobiographical experience, and the landscape of the Inland Northwest. I enjoy work in block printing, acrylic paints, and all sorts of recycled materials such as fabric and wood.

L A Jaeger - PourInSpiritDesigns

I mostly feature acrylics in various pouring techniques, and mixed media acrylics featuring the Geode technique

Emily Franklin

Clay is my happy place. I spend hours upon hours giggling with joy as the pieces I make bleed out of my jumbled and chaotic mind.

Hannah Charlton

Hannah Charlton creates medieval style miniature paintings, reviving a historical art form using modern materials and themes.

B. Pozzitive Bags

I create bags by upcycling/re-purposing used leather goods. Leather jackets become one-of-a-kind leather bags, etc.

Emily Hawkins

Emily Hawkins holds a BFA from The University of Utah. Currently based in Spokane, Washington, she is a visual artist who explores family life through abstract and antisentimental lenses, questioning the expectations placed on mothers as family historians.

Timothy Connor

Timothy specializes in nature and landscape photography and creative story building

Neicy Frey

Neicy uses color and composition to create movement and mood in each piece

Elise Beattie

Elise Beattie is a professional full-time painter who begins her pattern driven paintings with an adventurous pouring process. Using mixes of watercolors, acrylics and collage Elise creates images that combine a contemporary composition with a vivid imagination.

dick ibach

It is my intention to speak of the dichotomy of the human condition.

Angela Schneider

As a recovering journalist and newspaper reporter, I see your interaction in ways another photographer may not.

Jessica Berge

Nature has been a theme of my design along with stories and how we make meaning of the world around us.

Chelsea McIntire

Painting is my of pouring out all the stresses of the day and turning them into something unique.

Darrien Mack

Design is the overarching theme in my work.

Emylie "Millie" Keehner

Art is my power source, and the only thing that keeps me going most days.

LR Montgomery

Montgomery’s images float through the boundaries of realism and impressionism, reflecting a sensitivity and close interaction with the environment and the Northwest outdoor life style.

Chris Thompson

I have worked on a variety of project types; headshots, portraits, corporate events, video production, product photography, and weddings.

Michael Notar

Michael Notar is a cinematographer based in Spokane, Washington. His experience encompasses a range of diverse projects including feature films, episodic tv, commercials and documentaries


I am an Artist, Jewelry Maker, and Cosplayer. My drawing style is close to anime style. I make wire elf ears, and other designs like dragon, angel wings, and demon wings. I also sew for cosplay and I've been making dragon plushies.

Caleb Walsh

Combining whimsy and humor, and primarily working with acrylic, Caleb creates visual art that spans the full range of emotional responses from heartbreak to hope.

Lori Myers

ArtWorksByLivelylor came about as a way to combine my love for the arts with a desire to support projects that work to improve people’s lives.

Douglas Copenspire

I am a graphic designer, content strategist, and content creator. My work has never failed to produce positive results.

Luis Brigman

Freddy Throne art works with different kinds of medium and content. As a freelance artist Luis Brigman of Freddy Throne art has designed posters, billboards, logos, and custom designs.

Olivia Evans

Olivia Evans is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Spokane, WA, working in video, photography, drawing, and film.

Mike Scott

I’m an illustrator/designer living in Spokane.

Lacy DeAngelis

I believe in the human experience of photography. It is a way to appreciate, document, and treasure moments. I love how photography can open up our lives and our worlds to share with others, and give us a glimpse into worlds we may only imagine.

Sam Diaz

I am a psychedelic pop artist and clothing designer active in Spokane. I use a variety of mediums including paint, wheat paste, and digital art. I create brightly colored images with a strong use of texture, outline, and unique imagery.

Noah Koehoorn

Hi my name is Noah! I run Mezia media Spokane, a video production company in Spokane. We create a large variety of videos from corporate and advertising to music videos and wedding films. You can see my work and contact me about business inquiries at

Chris Wooley

I like photographing unique people and creating interesting artwork. Each person brings something special to the table and I use that as inspiration. Most of my work revolves around digital photography with select pieces augmented with photo manipulation in some way or another.

Chris Kelsey

I’m a clay artist making sculptural work as well as functional pottery. I fire much of my work in the wood fired kiln I built a few years back. The wood ash and atmosphere in the kiln creates surfaces unique to each firing.

Pam Adams

I’m a Spokane artist who recently retired. I picked up painting again a couple of years ago after a really long break. I’m still learning and love to see other artists' techniques. I like to work with watercolor, acrylics and pastels.

Erica Jacobs

Portrait and wedding photographer working alongside husband to document and preserve beautiful memories for our clients. We run a full service studio in Spokane Valley, where we also have a vision to foster a collaborative space for other photographers and creatives.

Amy Bomberger

Amy is the sole artist at Moonshadow Fluid arts. Her primary medium is fluid art including alcohol ink work and fluid acrylic pieces, but she dabbles in abstract acrylic canvas work as well.

Elizabeth Spruill

Elizabeth grew up in Ventura, CA and is now living in Spokane, WA with her two daughters and husband. She studied Art with an emphasis in Photography at UCSB. She loves horses, painting, going on adventures, and Skittles!

Amber Tyler

I have spent many years doing photography and then came to the conclusion that I needed to be doing work that not only made me happy, but also served a better and bigger purpose. Some may wonder how does boudoir photography serve a better and bigger purpose?

Mallorie Dietzel

Most people can't say that they are working their dream job... but I can. I have dreamt of being a photographer since I was a little girl posing my younger sisters and family dog to get just the right shot on my disposable camera.

Chris Elam

I want to be known as Spokane's most affordable professional photographer. I care about the things that matter: you, and your photos.

NW Crafted Macrame

My name is Macrame Megan. NW Crafted knots one of a kind macrame projects to make stunning decor from our home to yours. My love for crafting started as a young girl with my Omie and Mom. I started crocheting, needlepoint, sewing, and knotting up macrame when I was 7 years old.

Ari Nordhagen

I’m a published portrait, wedding, and food photographer based in Spokane, WA. Available for travel worldwide.

Karla Muniz

I LOVE photographing special milestones big and small. I specialize in graduation, senior photos and family and kids photos. In my heart every family should have the opportunity to capture their special moments to have for a lifetime.

Rick Harpman Hatter Bocook

Spokane chalk artist and street musician

Andrea Parrish

For as long as I can remember, I have not had a mind’s eye – the ability to visualize. Aphantasia has created an interesting relationship with art. The planets that have emerged gnaw at the edges of my memory in a way that seem to tease with what is just beyond conscious reach.

Steph Sammons

I have a background in theater design, and love working with materials of all types, in two and three dimensions. My current project is an Alphabet of Mythological Creatures, which I hope to make into a children's book one day soon!

Keely Honeywell

I'm an illustrator and designer, specializing in book design but open to all visual art.

Robyn Smith

Robyn is a Mixed Media Artist and Instructor who has a passion for guiding others to explore art in a way they might not have thought of before. Her work often includes repurposed items (old records, maps, old sheet music, patterns, tissue paper, found objects) and texture.

Susannah Ceramics

My name is Annie and I make ceramic artwork meant to be a part of your everyday. Currently I am crafting polymer clay earrings and jewelry - lightweight, modern, colorful and whimsical!

Karen Case

Karen creates one of a kind art pieces using a technique of pouring acrylic paint, to create beautiful color and pattern combinations.

Katherine Bell-Hanley

Making beautiful and useful art is my vocational standard. Design invites all kinds of people to engage with art in their daily routines by presenting useful or ordinary objects beautifully.

Adam Swensen

This is all an experiment in letting the creative expression out. After years of feeling the need to create but feeling trapped by a lack of “technical” abilities, I finally let myself paint. My work is an experiment of creativity, weirdness, and abstraction.

Mel Antuna Hewitt

It is her mission to explore the narrative of the book: as an art piece and as a means of holding and conveying knowledge.

Jenifer White

Psst! Hey you! Are you looking for that perfect stocking stuffer(s) or gift for your loved ones? LOOK NO MORE! I have a wide variety of things to choose from(even more than what's pictured!) That are unique Fluid Art Pieces! I also offer local Pacific Northwest photography!

Jansen Niccals

I work in a variety of mediums, traditionally; acrylic and watercolor painting, graphic design and illustration, character concept designs, and comic panels. I also dabble in digital illustrations and paintings.

Ryker Murdock

Ryker's favorite subjects to paint are detailed landscapes, abandoned areas and structures, as well as architectural portraits.

Crystal Madsen

Photographing people and capturing memories is what I do. Excelling at displaying emotion and genuine personality is my joy. Shooting boudoir and showing every woman that their body is sexy and powerful is my love.

Grace June

While a lot of my focus is commercial photography for organizations or branding, I graduated with a photography degree with the sole intent of making and showing art full time. My primary creative resources have been images that promote our amazing, enriching local businesses.

Marie Noorani

​​​My inspiration is the vague boundary between brokenness and wholeness, and the poetic coincidence of beauty and coarseness that characterize the human experience. I thoughtfully create paper from natural fibers & recycled material. Then, I destroy it.

CarLy Haney

My name is CarLy and I create baroque/gothic wall mounts using real taxidermy tarantulas. Each piece is hand-spread and completely unique, displayed without glass and allowing spectators to come as close as their courage may allow.

Wendy Zupan

I make one-of-a-kind mixed media pieces and sculpted whimsical puppetry from a land of Old World fiction. Illustrators such as Arthur Rackham and Sir John Tenniel fed my young mind and continue to inspire me.

Owen McAuley

Paintings and drawings using elements of the contemporary landscape, usually with Eastern Washington the setting, to express ideas about the human condition by proxy.

Vanessa Swenson

I am an artist, illustrator and designer that has worked on a wide range of creative projects. Exploring a variety of mediums in my artwork such as paint, paper, and pen and ink, I strive to create artworks inspired by the natural and botanical world of my Northwest home.

Amalia Fisch

Watercolor and oil painter of interiors and exteriors! I really enjoy painting outdoors and capturing our beautiful landscapes.

Sindhu Surapaneni

Sindhu Surapaneni is a young cultural enthusiast & an international storyteller. You will find that most of her artwork is very unique to represent different cultures and diversity.

Sally Jablonsky

Sally Jablonsky is a painter, illustrator, and traditional oldtime fiddle player and teacher. Through a range of media including drawing, painting, soft sculpture, and ceramics, Sally's work investigates what it means to have an animal body, and how it feels to be on the Earth.

Keely Liles

Hi my name is Keely Liles and I am a freelance multi-disciplinary artist with emphasis in media and film production. My artistic endeavors have long centered around the question "how does art change the world?" I am a photographer by nature and a filmmaker by practice..

Alissa "AJ" Lott

I am a lesbian teen who loves photography, art, and fashion. I customize military jackets and shoes. I also do jeans. My current work is pointed towards the BLM Movement, I do know a few local artists, Shantell Jackson, and Amber Hoit.

Stefani Rossi

I compose visual ruminations about the common narratives in which people routinely participate. I am interested in historic and contemporary rituals–both sacred and mundane–that we practice to discover, establish, understand and share our lives.

Lisa McKinney Kreymborg

Lisa is the daughter of an internationally collected wildlife and western painter and a renowned biotech director. The mix of the creative and the logical always felt like a pull of two very conflicted worlds.

Mallory Battista

Mallory Battista is a visual artist and writer who especially loves painting murals, blacksmithing, creating block prints, and making comics.

Victoria Coronado

Hello! I'm Victoria Coronado, a graphic designer and aspiring illustrator based in Spokane, WA. My motto for all of the work I do is "Design is storytelling, what story will you tell?" I believe that everyone has a story to tell.

Emma Noyes

Emma Noyes (Sinixt band of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation) is an artist, researcher, and educator living and working in Spokane, WA.

Posie Kalin

Posie Kalin is a professional artist and arts educator living in Spokane with her husband Avalon Kalin and two daughters. Her work covers a broad spectrum of art mediums including video, music, photography, installation, painting, sculpture and performance.

Janie Schnurr

A lifetime friend of mine said, “Your paintings are like looking into a delicate, very disciplined kaleidoscope.” I felt she understood and appreciated my intentions.

Joe Kimmel

With an aspiration to illustrate children's books, Joe's sketchbooks are filled with illustrations of the fanciful and fun.

Kay Lodahl

Thirty five years ago I discovered glass and all the phases of forming it into desirable art or functional pieces I could be proud of. As the years of discovery changed, I have settled into flameworking glass with a torch using soft glass and borosilicate glass.

Dylan Le

Local free range grass fed Spokane based photographer. I specialize in automotive, journalistic, and documentary style photography. I believe in humanizing people and machines through the powers and magic of capturing images.

Nicole Locker

I strive to connect others and create the most value for the viewer through my intricate levels of detail. I enjoy telling a story through added music with my series of artwork within a piece. All have hidden meanings.

Miguel Maltos Gonzales

Miguel is a Chicano artist blending his Mexican and American heritage into a visual representation of being bicultural. Two mediums make a single piece bringing awareness to living two cultures simultaneously.

Christy Branson

“My work is all about process: the action of slowly adding thin layers of melted wax and pigment to a wood surface. I love the physicality of the process and my paintings are not as much “painted” as they are built...” -Christy Branson, Artist

Jamey Cunningham

I print my computer manipulated photography and add paint or mixed media on top of that.

Kimber Follevaag

I am a fiber artist living in Spokane Washington. I like to experiment with fibers and use them in untraditional ways. I have been featured in several gallery shows, including Terrain Gallery in Spokane, Emerge Gallery in Coeur d’ Alene and the Jacklin Arts Center.

Erica Watts

I specialize in hand crafted miniatures for dollhouses and displays. My products range from custom designed dollhouses and roomboxes to hand painted textiles and custom built furniture.

Bevie LaBrie

My life passions working as an art therapist, wilderness instructor and youth worker, and exploring the world through climbing rocks, travel and mountainous beauty fuel my art. I’m inspired by life and nature in all its forms.

Aaron Smith

I began painting local scenery after I bought an art print by Zuane "Canaletto" who specialized in painting the canals of Venice. So my paintings of Spokane which by today's standards are commonplace, may well be a document to an ever changing fast paced era.

Jamie Thompson

Fine Artist Jamie Thompson has exhibited in various galleries located in the United States as well as internationally. She works with a combination of printmaking, drawing, painting and collage, which deal with themes of memory, family, home, nature and the ephemeral.

Byron Holley

I am a freelance artist that has been drawing for 33 years of my life. I enjoy drawing self portraits, cartoons, anime, scenery, comics and animals. After I’m finished with each project I get a great amount of joy from each illustration I dedicate myself to.

Dario Ré

Dario Ré has a multifaceted practice including painting, assemblage, installation, video, performance, sound and songwriting.

Stefanie Meade

Stefanie Meade is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, and former military brat who now resides in Spokane. She does illustrations and paintings in a variety of mediums, makes wire wrapped jewelry, and pours her own resin pieces.

Kristine Renfro

Kristine Renfro is the creator and owner of Finding Nature. She hand makes jewelry of all different styles and vibes, and is a multi-media artists who loves creating one of kind pieces.

Christina Deubel

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, adventure is in Christina's blood. If she is not off hitting a trail, she is buried in her studio making her best attempt to show you the world through her eyes.

Joshua Martel

I’ve had the pleasure of painting over 50 legal murals around the United States of America. I strive to stimulate and bring forth new thoughts within the communities I paint in, as well as showcasing their community to bring a sense of pride, joy, and momentum.

Gay Waldman

My approach with each new art piece is an exploration of how far I can push my original photographs. I constantly create new designs by enhancing colors, adding shapes, and manipulating the elements of form. In the simplest description, it is pure fun!

Callie McCluskey

Callie McCluskey is a contemporary artist who graduated from Washington State University in 2019 with degrees in Fine Arts as well as Digital Technology and Culture. Her subject matter finds inspiration from the people and situations that surround her.

Bear Creek Mercantile

We are a non-profit Artist Co-op, founded in 2016 to serve the local community in the Chattaroy / Elk, WA area.

Warrior Artworks

Requests are encouraged, so test my boundaries.

Debra O'Sullivan

I am a prolific artist who is currently working with metal.

Violet Green

I create art from my soul with the love from my heart.

Larry Ellingson

Many of us daydream and wander through our imaginations. I bring back souvenirs.

Teresa Kershaw

"...I am so passionate about my work. I hope that people see my paintings and come away with some of the emotion I felt when I painted each piece..."

Kathryn Alexander

Alexander’s spiritual background, including 45 years of meditation, is foundational for her focus on capturing the essence of things in her photography.

Karen Vo

Karen Vo is a visual artist working in primarily gouache and graphite. Spoiled by the scenery and wildlife of Washington state all of her life, her art attempts to capture the beauty and motion of animals and plant life, with an affinity for birds.

Joshua Thomas

Hello, I'm a graphic designer, illustrator, and motion designer with a huge passion for what I do. My name is Joshua Thomas and I'm just a human being designing for human beings.

Kaitlin Nuetzmann

Nuetzmann loves creating art in her spare time including complex geometric drawings, playing piano and makeup artistry.

Factory Town

We see art as our common language and stories as our currency. We bring people and organizations together through thoughtful visuals and memorable experiences.

Colleen Lake

Fused glass at its best!

JM Adamshaspert

Jonathan Adamshaspert is a Spokane based photographer and award winning Pacific Northwest Platinum & Palladium Printmaker.

Frankie Benka

I have been doing photography for 50 years. As an artist, I don’t limit myself to one medium.

Derrick Freeland

Derrick Freeland is a local illustrator, author, and educator, the founder and editor in chief of Spokane Sequential and Bottlecrow Publications.

Debbie Hughbanks

Debbie is an artist that is passionate about the creation of art and finds her inspiration all around her studio located in northeastern Washington State.

Sydney Croteau

Photorealistic colored pencil drawings of wildlife and other subjects on airbrushed backgrounds.

Amber C Smith

I'm a photographer and graphic designer who has spent most of my life traveling and taking photos. I shoot on a variety of cameras, mostly film and some digital. Nature, abandoned places, moody scenes.

Hannah Pomante

Born in Spokane, Washington, Hannah Pomante is an environmental artist who explores the various ways in which to portray the natural world around us. She specializes in printmaking and public art, exhibiting her work throughout the Northwest.

Brenda O'Quin Art

I am a contemporary abstract artist that works with mixed media and acrylics. I begin a piece with colors in mind but without any predetermined ideas of what the finished work is going to look like.

Katelyn Reed

"Art gives me direction. I work in any medium that strikes my interest and expresses the heart of my ideas; be they silly and light-hearted, or painful and deeply felt. All of my work contains elements of who I am, and the life journey I am on."

Tiffany Patterson

My work is playful and uses repetition of patterns as visual texture and meditation. All mediums are fair game. I regularly bounce between mixed media painting, illustration, murals, ceramics, and installation art and I’m always ready to embrace the next sparkly thing.

Emmanuel Corral

Artist, Graphic Designer, Marketing Manager

Theresa Henson

The movement is a pattern that generously and infinitely responds to that which inspires growth.

Arlon Rosenoff

Everywhere I look, I see a painting. I have a great appreciation for the light, texture, and geometry that occur in nature and in life.

Nancy Reid Isaak

Nancy is an award winning, internationally collected artist. Nancy works with acrylic and pastels and loves expressions in vivid colors.

Stacie Boyer

Stacie is a visual artist and muralist. With a passion for public art, she has worked with The Spokane Civic Theatre, Spokane Arts and The City of Liberty Lake, WA.

Chrysta Kay

My work is heavily influenced by nature and how humans interact and connect with the natural world.

Antonio Romero

Antonio continually challenges himself by experimenting in different styles, techniques, mediums including acrylic painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and now digital art.

Ellen Picken

Though I have many artistic outlets, my main motivator these days is designing and installing large scale murals. I love working with the public to create art that they love to live with.

Caili Hartman

Caili Hartman is a fine art photographer in the Spokane area.

Anna Shawver

Anna is a happily married mom of three who began creating her work while she was a stay-at-home-mom in 2016. She now creates to spread joy with her art.

Michael Dinning

I create primarily large scale narrative sculptures and wall pieces, employing painted canvasses combined with a wide variety of found objects. My goal is to present something that is immediately engaging, consistently compelling, and leaves a lasting impression.

Allen and Mary Dee Dodge

We work collaboratively in iron, copper and vitreous enamels as well as wood, paint, paper and more.

Matt Smith

Matt Smith is a multidisciplinary visual artist residing in Spokane. His main passion lies in painting, but can never do one thing for too long without experimenting and moving into a new direction.

Larry Bergman

Larry has dabbled in various art media over many years but prefers drawing in pencil and finishing in ink.

Carol Schmauder

Carol has paintings in collections nationwide and has won numerous awards. She experiments with different styles of art and is best known for a fun style of starting with a traditional subject and creating sections of warm and cool colors playing off of each other.

Tom Quinn

Originally from Great Falls, Montana, I grew up surrounded by art -- mostly nostalgic celebrations of the Old West. I attended Gonzaga University and spent my junior year in Florence. There I became enamored of the serene beauty of Renaissance painting.

Ildiko Kalapacs

Ildikó grew up in socialist Hungary in the 70s under Soviet occupation. She studied in Hungary and at Eastern Washington University and has worked in the folk dance/research field in the US and Hungary. Her work is greatly influenced by both cultures.

Janelle Cordero

Janelle Cordero is an interdisciplinary artist and educator living in the seventh most hipster city in the U.S. Both her writing and her paintings are sparse narratives that emphasize the disconnected nature of the human condition.

Catee Ng

I am a cake artist! I create custom pieces for customers for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, corporate events. . . basically anything that needs dessert.

John D. Moore

Spokane photographer John D. Moore created a goal of showcasing (photographing) Spokane architecture, landscapes, and local historical features after dark.

Scott Shumake

The fire pits have been such a hit that I know I’ve found my calling: to be a Creator.

Ira Gardner

Ira Gardner has been a photographer for over 30 years.

Janet Crosby

I work with both a torch and a kiln to create unique pieces of wearable and functional (fused glass) art pieces.

Serenity Williams

I hope my art, and my writing, can help inspire others who are struggling through various obstacles in life. A reminder to... Never give up.

Greg Saue

A painter in oils and watercolors for over fifty years.

Robin Kahn

Robin Kahn has a passion for making jewelry.

Kay O'Rourke

Narrative realist artist. painting and assemblage art

Jill Smith

Jill Smith is a ceramic artist who offers pottery lessons in her studio at the ClayFox Clay School

Megan Perkins

Megan Perkins is an artist, teacher, and native of the Pacific Northwest. She lives in Deer Park, WA and works primarily in watercolor with a love of color and expressive line.

Karen Mobley

Karen Mobley is an artist, writer and arts consultant. Karen exhibits her work throughout the Northwest.